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ottobre 19, 2020 - Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz at the 35th Hyères Festival: Mercedes-Benz and Fashion Open Studio partner to drive more eco-sustainability in fashion

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Mercedes-Benz has partnered with #fashion Open Studio (FOS), the British, global non-profit organisation campaigning for a more sustainable luxury industry, to support the next generation of extraordinary design talent.  The #partnership was unveiled at the 35th International Festival of #fashion, Photography and #fashion Accessories in Hyères, to guide Mercedes-Benz’ global #fashion engagement towards a more sustainable future. For this year’s #hyeresfestival, #mercedesbenz and #fashion Open Studio jointly launched a digital eco-sustainability mentorship programme for all fashion finalists of the festival competition whose winner will be awarded by the jury.

Driving sustainable luxury forward

Briefed by #mercedesbenz, #fashion Open Studio has developed an eco-sustainability road-map to inspire the global #mercedesbenz markets in a responsible engagement in #fashion. Example topics covered in the educational resource include recommendations to measure the environmental impact of their #fashion activities, explore new forms of mobility and climate compensating measures and to prioritise opportunities for eco-sustainable designers and innovation. The ambition is to transform Mercedes-Benz’ #fashion weeks to become the place where consumers, young designers and mainstream brands exchange innovation, techniques and supply chain information, for the bettering of all industry and not the single brand.

On the #partnership with #fashion Open Studio, Bettina Fetzer, Vice President #mercedesbenz Marketing says “We have continuously built a #fashion engagement over the last 25 years and are committed to building a responsible and sustainable future of luxury design, with initiatives such as this with #fashion Open Studio. Our global #fashion network will support the next generation of leading creatives, to inspire creativity and innovation, and ignite the conversation around the future of sustainable luxury.”

Digital eco-sustainability mentorship at Hyères Festival

For this year’s #hyeresfestival, #mercedesbenz and #fashion Open Studio together launched a digital mentorship programme for all #fashion finalists. Orsola de Castro, Creative Director of #fashion Open Studio, shared industry insights with the emerging design talents, highlighting key sustainability practices such as how to utilise pre-existing resources in order to cut down on virgin production. As part of the educational programme, finalists were asked to select one look from their final collection that best integrates the eco-knowledge gained. #mercedesbenz selected Daragh Soden, who was awarded the Grand Prix du Jury for Photography at #hyeresfestival in 2017, to capture the looks in an editorial shoot.

As part of the mentorship, #mercedesbenz and #fashion Open Studio acknowledged Emma Bruschi as the designer who best incorporated responsible practices in his work, and he will be integrated into an upcoming #mercedesbenz #fashion activity in 2021.

Orsola de Castro, Creative Director of #fashion Open Studio, says “Fashion Open Studio values
Mercedes-Benz’ commitment in supporting young #fashion talents, and I have enjoyed working with the #hyeresfestival finalists immensely. Most young designers want to embed ethics, sustainability and best practices into their creative processes, but are often confused as to how. A wise word of advice and encouragement can be all that is needed to unleash creativity for innovation.”

Mercedes-Benz’ on-going support of Hyères Festival since 2012

This year, the Grand Prix du Jury Première Vision was awarded to Tom Van Der Borght, who was chosen from a shortlist of ten exceptional finalists to win the prestigious #fashion prize for young design talent. Additional to the prize funds and the support of esteemed #fashion maisons, he will be invited by #mercedesbenz to present his/her collection in a standalone #fashion show at the Mercedes-Benz #fashion Week in Berlin in Autumn/Winter 2021 from January 18 – 20, 2021 as part of the #mercedesbenz #fashion Talents programme.

Mercedes-Benz once again presented the Shortlisted showroom at Festival Hyères, showcasing this year’s finalists in competition, highlighting Mercedes-Benz’ continued drive to support the next generation of extraordinary #fashion talents globally. The #hyeresfestival, in cooperation with #mercedesbenz commissioned the interior architects Kim Haddou & Florent Dufourcq, Grand Prix winners of the Design Parade Toulon 2018, to concept the sustainably produced showroom.

About Fashion Open Studio

Now in its fourth year, #fashion Open Studio – a Fashion Revolution initiative - promotes responsibility and transparency in the #fashion industry, and was created to celebrate best practice and innovation led by a carefully chosen selection of #fashion and textile designers, biotech start-ups and retail disruptors. Passionate about supporting a generation of designers who want to showcase their work in a space where conversations about supply chains, waste reduction, overproduction and materials, as well as a more respectful approach to the artisans, craftspeople and garment makers who make our clothes are taken seriously, #fashion Open Studio is the platform for designers around the world to share information, find solutions, and value transparent lines of communication with their customers who have a powerful role to play in demanding and driving change.

About Hyères Festival

The International Festival of #fashion, Photography and #fashion Accessories in Hyères is founded and directed by Jean-Pierre Blanc, and chaired by Pascale Mussard. Since 1986, the festival has been promoting and supporting young international #fashion creation, since 1997 a competition has been open to emerging photographers and this year, for the fourth time, a competition distinguishes new designers of #fashion accessories. It is recognized as the oldest competition in the world for young professionals. Several prizes reward the creators in competition thanks to the endowments of the partners of the festival who commit themselves with him to support them in the long term. Practical help is provided from the selection of candidates, then over a period of two years covering many areas: financing, production, crafts, materials, publishing, legal, press, exhibition, workshop and residency.

About Mercedes-Benz’ global #fashion engagement

Over the last 25 years, #mercedesbenz has established itself worldwide as a major player in the #fashion industry, building authentic relationships within the #fashion community through its commitment to emerging designer initiatives, #fashion week partnerships, and live events. The brand is currently active in many key locations around the world, including the #mercedesbenz #fashion Weeks Russia, Mexico, Madrid, Tbilisi and Berlin and also the famous International Festival of #fashion, Photography and #fashion Accessories in Hyères.

Committed to the sustainable future of luxury design, #mercedesbenz proactively works to future-proof the responsible growth of its #fashion partnerships; highlighting best practises and aligning itself with creatives that reflect and champion values such as aspirational and intuitive design, creativity and innovation. Through its emerging programme, ‘Mercedes-Benz #fashion Talents’, and creative collaborations, the luxury brand has supported over 140 designers in over 30 platforms around the world, including in Milan, London, New York, Beijing, Prague, Istanbul and Berlin.