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settembre 24, 2020 - Mercedes-Benz

Still available until 27 September 2020: "G-Schichten (G-stories) – 40 years of the G-Class" at the Mercedes-Benz Museum

Comunicato Stampa disponibile solo in lingua originale. 

  • One last chance to experience the special exhibition with vehicles and further exhibits
  • Hill-parking for G-Classes, prize wheel and offers for children on 27 September
  • Since 1979, the G-Class has been the vehicle of choice for truly every terrain

Stuttgart. See the original “Popemobile” from 1980 up close, the winning car of the 1983 “Paris–Dakar Rally” or the last cabriolet from 2013: The #mercedesbenzmuseum will be showing this and further exceptional cross-country vehicles from the history of the #mercedesbenz G-Class until 27 September 2020. The “G-Schichten (G-stories) – 40 years of the G-Class” special exhibition tells the stories of a total of eleven vehicles as well as the biography of the entire model series with their exceptional capabilities. You can even experience them yourself: For example, on a steep ramp, the visitors get to know what it’s like to climb a 100 per cent gradient or to master an inclination of 35 degrees.

After a run of almost a year, the special exhibition is coming to a close. The #mercedesbenzmuseum is celebrating the G-Class one last time on 27 September with this programme:

G-parking: The popular all-brands classic car meet “Cars & Coffee” will cater to the special topic of the G-Class on Sunday and countless variants of the cross-country vehicle are expected on the Museum hill, particularly members of the #mercedesbenz Geländewagen-Club e.V. Every visitor to arrive with their G-Class can park in front of the Museum free of charge.

G-winning: A prize wheel will be spinning on Sunday in the special exhibition.

G-creative: G-Class drawing templates, pendants and cut-out sheets for paper models of the “G” will be available for children on the campus.

The #mercedesbenz G-Class has been available since 1979 and continues to inspire with its outstanding off-road capabilities. It is the oldest model series of the brand.