december 03, 2021 - Siemens

Atos and Siemens to support Morocco in the smart management of its power grid

  • Morocco’s National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) launches an ambitious transformation project in collaboration with Atos and Siemens

Atos, #siemens and Morocco’s National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (Office National de l'Électricité et de l'Eau potable, ONEE) are pleased to announce their collaboration on a large project for the smart management of the local power grid (“smart grid”). Atos and #siemens are working on deploying a smart energy metering platform that will allow ONEE to efficiently process the data collected by more than 100,000 smart meters that will be installed across the country, thus optimizing energy consumption and management of the national grid while meeting Morocco's growing energy needs.

ONEE, which has been supporting Morocco's energy transition since 2012, needed a scalable grid operating system as the deployment of smart meters is changing the operational and business models of public utilities.

The project is part of the country’s Energy Efficiency program and encompasses the implementation of Siemens’ EnergyIP ® meter data management platform, which enables the automated use of the collected data, raises awareness about energy consumption among end users and generates a more secure revenue stream. Atos experts will be responsible for IT infrastructure and security tasks and will ensure the consistency of all technical solutions. They will also oversee the contract management and local services and will support the change management process.

This sophisticated new energy management system has the necessary functionality to meet the needs of an ever-changing grid and supports the national digital transformation agenda. For Atos and #siemens, this is the biggest joint smart grid project in Africa. This project reflects the strategies of both partners who are committed to supporting their clients' environmental and decarbonization approaches.

Further information in the press release to download

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