december 03, 2021 - Barry Callebaut Group

Forever Chocolate 2020/21: we reduced our carbon intensity by 17%

Our Forever #chocolate Progress Report 2020/21 highlights our achievements towards making sustainable #chocolate the norm in 2025. A key achievement is the reduction of our carbon intensity per tonne of product by more than -17% since 2016.

The publication of our fifth Forever #chocolate Progress Report marks the half-way point of our plan to make Sustainable #chocolate the norm by 2025. Our progress data in 2020/21 shows that we have continued to scale our efforts and create impact on our journey to make sustainable #chocolate the norm by 2025.

  • 214,584 cocoa farmers estimated to be out of poverty in our direct supply chain
  • Our child labor monitoring and remediation system now covers 237 farmer groups, including 220,878 farmers in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Cameroon
  • Significant growth in Cocoa Horizons, with the premiums generating over CHF 28.4 million in funds, an increase of +63% compared to prior year
  • Over -10% reduction of Land Use Change (LUC) from the impact of cocoa due to our efforts in traceability and sourcing
  • 43% products sold containing 100% sustainable cocoa or chocolate

This year, we celebrate the 5th anniversary of Forever #chocolate and I am extremely proud of the progress that we have made since 2016, creating tangible impact on the ground. Our outstanding achievements are only made possible with the expertise and dedication of our employees, partners and customers. I would like to warmly thank them for their commitment and invite other stakeholders to join us in this journey to make sustainable #chocolate the norm by 2025. 

Peter Boone, CEO of the Barry Callebaut Group

Further information in the press release to download

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